Science of Life - CRAVE - 3.1 oz tin
Science of Life - CRAVE - 3.1 oz tin

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CRAVE - is an all Doshas Digestive Tea. A combination of flavorful spices blended to stimulate digestion: Ginger, Cinnamon, Licorice, Cardamom, Green Rooibos. Packaged in a window canister tea tin 3.1 oz.

This is one of five special "Science of Life Teas" based on what AYURVEDA teaches about the three main Doshas. Everyone possesses all three Doshas; VATA (Air/Space), KAPHA (Earth/Water), and PITTA (Fire/Water). Kapa represents earth and water. They ;have the tendency to be cod and stagnant. Vata is the air and space. They also run the cold and dry side. Pitta represents fire and water. Think boiling water. They run hot and are energetic. When one is out of balance, one dosha will dominate the other two. KTLC Teas by the Sweets Barn have developed five teas to help support and balance the doshas using high quality, all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavorings. These teas are pure, caffeine free, and blended locally in Lolo, Montana.

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