FREE SHIPPING on qualifying product orders > $75.00.
We ship via USPS priority mail & UPS.


Shipping Chocolate & Heat Sensitive Items
DISCLAIMER: During the summer months [outdoor seasonal temps exceeding 75 degrees F (especially sitting in a delivery truck)] we can not guarantee chocolate & heat sensitive items that are shipped. SO - ordering and having heat sensitive products shipped is at your own risk! No REFUNDS/REPLACEMENTS!
-We will do our best to cold pack these items so they don’t melt.
-But because of shipping issues out of our control, your order still may melt!
We recommend not ordering heat sensitive products during hot months or at least upgrading to (fastest way) 2 day shipping on all heat sensitive items.
We ice pack and do not ship over the weekend, because carriers do not all deliver on weekends - and your chocolate will melt in hot periods. Because of that we will hold your order for shipping till it can be shipped without sitting over the weekend.